You need help?

If you need financial support

If you have cancer and you cannot find the financial means for your treatment, maybe we will be able to help you! Just download and fill out the form, attach a copy of the medical history of your disease and send them to us via e-mail:

Every two months the General Assembly of the “Hronika Against Cancer” will vote and decide on the amount of financial aid that will be granted to the submitted applications. According to its Articles of Association, the NGO provides assistance to women with cancer. Priority is given to the ones who need chemotherapy, radiotherapy and treatments that require travelling to specialized hospitals. The amount of the aid is based on the social status of the applicants, which is established after a social inquiry with the person needing assistance, and is given in accordance with the available funds raised to date.

Download the form for granting aid HERE.

If you need specialized literature

NGO “Hronika Against Cancer” has provided specialized literature available for women struggling with cancer, their families, and all who are interested in the topic. The literature can be found in the Library at the Cultural Center “Prosveta-1865” in the town of Gotse Delchev. The books were purchased with funding under the project “NGO «Hronika Against Cancer” for better communication, awareness and prevention of cancer deseases in Gotse Delchev region”.


If you need any other help

“NGO «Hronika Against Cancer” can help women who need prosthetics, consultation with a psychologist or useful information on buying a wig or special bras. If you need help, advice or further information – do not hesitate to contact us at